Sunday June 1st at 1:30pm on KPFK 90.7fm Los Angeles.

Listen in for a casual conversation on anti-capitalism, particularly fighting the value system we’ve learned and reproduce under the capitalist system.

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"Capitalism would have us believe that we only deserve to be here because of what we produce, and even in our counter-cultures, even in our movements we reproduce the same idea. We only deserve to be here because of what we can produce that other people will buy with their money, time or attention. Our experience of our own lives is secondary, it is only the means of production, it is the products that matter, and unless we make ourselves into both factories and widgets we are not valuable." Alexis Pauline Gumb

After McDonalds Strikes Corporations Eye Replacing Workers with Robots

Is Raising the Minimum Wage Good or Bad?
Usually most of what I write involves some abstract criticism or perhaps a more intense elaboration on a concept ‘not-so-familiar’ to the everyday person. However, with all the news surrounding recent efforts (by governmental agencies and leftist groups) to raise the minimum wage it becomes important to flesh out a few very simple points in regard to this issue. Would raising the minimum wage hurt or help the working class? What about inflation? What about unemployment/underemployment? Is this a radical/revolutionary struggle? Where do socialists/communists have a role in this struggle? Let’s begin very simply by addressing some of the myths and fears being propagated by the right-wing media machine.”

Anti Capitalism and Environmentalism as Political Alternative
"Indeed, we cannot analyse the global ecological crisis separately from the crisis in which we are immersed or the critique of the economic model that has led us into it. It is also necessary to reject outright the logic of profit maximization of the capitalist system and the productivist orientation which takes no account of the limits of planet Earth."

Solidarity not Charity: the Case for Mutual Aid

How Anarchists End Up Working In Charities: a Constructive Subversives Guide to Organisational Change
I think there’s an alternative. I call it ‘constructive subversion.’ It lies in our ability to ‘hack’ these hierarchical reformist organisations we spend our days in, weaving networks of subversion to undermine the bureaucracy, and ‘prefiguring’ radical pockets (creating microcosms of wider change) within and around the existing structures. In other words, we bring our wider politics into our workplaces and create spaces and relationships that can operate beyond organisational control.

The Flatbush Rebellion: On Capitalism and Uprisings Against Police
"We live in an economic system called capitalism. The situation of young people today is not an accident, but something that’s an inherent part of our society: it happens on purpose. In our society, everyone is caught between unemployment and shitty employment. When we’re unemployed, we have some free time but risk starvation. When we’re employed, we earn a little money but have to sell ourselves to a boss for hours on end. This rat race is what keeps the system moving. The system demands that everyone must work at exhausting jobs and make profits for others, or be searching for work, desperate and poor.

The Flatbush Rebellion

Infoshop: What are the Myths of Capitalist Economics?

Human Scale Development: Conception, Application and Further Reflection

“Capitalism: a cold and dreary system which represents our fellow creatures as so many rivals and enemies which makes us believe that their happiness is incompatible with our own, which builds our wealth upon their poverty, which would persuade us to look on the world in the light of a besieged town where the death of our neighbors is hailed with secret satisfaction.” — anonymous graffiti and definition found in london 1821

Anarchy & Polyamory:

Accomplices Not Allies

“The ally industrial complex has been established by activists whose careers depend on the “issues” they work to address. These nonprofit capitalists advance their careers off the struggles they ostensibly support. They often work in the guise of “grassroots” or “community-based” and are not necessarily tied to any organization. They build organizational or individual capacity and power, establishing themselves comfortably among the top ranks in their hierarchy of oppression as they strive to become the ally “champions” of the most oppressed. While the exploitation of solidarity and support is nothing new, the commodification and exploitation of allyship is a growing trend in the activism industry.”

A Marxist View of the State and Reproduction of Capitalism

4 Things About Working for Social Change I Wish I Knew Before Graduation
“The ritual of choosing a major or an area of study, and choosing this as your identity (“So, what’s your major?”), like choosing a college, masks historical and systemic forces that are preventing change. You couldn’t major in “Practically Dismantling Capitalism”. […] Academia is set up in part to buffer theories of change from actual change. If it wasn’t, there would be no myth of meritocracy, plus no such thing as legacy admissions, honors majors, secret societies, or even admissions offices. But even just academic study itself is suspect: a few years ago, when I was graduating, I had lunch with one of my beloved comp. lit professors. I asked him what he thought about being an academic. He said, “Eli, you can tell that reading Foucault is not actually subversive because no one in power cares if you read it.” I don’t think he was saying that we shouldn’t read Foucault or other authors who write theories about power and oppression — he was saying that if I wanted to make change, I shouldn’t look to academia. Because the theories on their own, in a context of individualism, competition, and class-based inequality (i.e. college) do nothing.”

NGOization: Depoliticizing Activism in Canada
“What NGOization precludes and inhibits is movement-building. Centralized control allows for an efficient mobilization of existing capacity, but it doesn’t provide the opportunities for masses of people to have new experiences, build their own ideas, do their own research, or start their own initiatives. It doesn’t provide the possibility of large numbers of people to decide, together, where to focus their energies or when to divide them. ”

The Sharing Economy, Gender and Why Individualistic Solutions Won’t Disrupt Neoliberalism

“Recognizing capitalism’s fundamental limitations and inequalities, I have no illusions that individual financial success (which I have never experienced) is a substitute for real freedom because I am not merely concerned about what I possess. Of course I want to be able to pay my bills, but I also want too live in a wold where no one and nothing suffers because of violence, exploitation, and poverty. I cannot really be free if I live in a context where wrong is being carried out in my name, and as a U.S. citizen, the government’s inhumane domestic and foreign policies constantly place me in the undesired position, unless I counter them by speaking out and fighting back. The financial success of a few, even if they are members of racially or sexually oppressed groups, is not justice, but merely privilege.”
— Barbara Smith, “Doing it from Scratch: The Challenge of Black Lesbian Organizing,” from The Truth that Never Hurts , 170

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