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Intro movie trailer montage included clips from (in order):

Intro movie trailer montage included clips from (in order):


Axe body spray commercial

Revolt TV promo 

Meet the Browns

The Last Ship

Gang Related

22 Jump Street

The government literally has offices in Hollywood y’all**

United States Air Force Entertainment Liason Office

U.S. Department of Defense Official Website - Assistance in Producing Motion Pictures
Hollywood, Pentagon share rich past
"Reality TV may be a modern-day phenomenon, but the federal government has been working with the entertainment industry for decades to help screenwriters and directors portray its spies and warriors."image…/2005-03-07-hollywood…

The perpetuation of oppression in Hollywood**

The Good White Folks at The Academy…/the-good-white…#

Blackface Montage from Spike Lee’s Bamboozled

Dave Chappelle, “What’s wrong with Hollywood” **

UNHEARD Tupac Phone Conversation with Sanyika Shakur, 1995


Black Representation in Film

Seeing is Believing: Why Media Representation Matters

Why Individual Representation Is Not Enough: Progress, for One

On Representation

"Act of Valor" and Military Support to Hollywood Operations
"This may be the U.S. armed forces’ first feature-length recruiting film, but it’s far from the first time unsuspecting audiences have been treated to Pentagon propaganda at the movies. As early as 1927, when military assistance on the film “Wings” helped it win Best Picture at the first Oscars ceremony, the Department of Defense has long maintained its own production office that offers filmmakers the latest in arms and high-tech vehicles at cut-rate prices — as long as their scripts are deemed worthy."

Hollywood, Military Cooperation Often Mutually Beneficial

New DHS Reality Television Show to Feature Janet Napolitano

and the private capitalist interests as usual…

Verizon Patent: DVR Watches Users to Target Advertising

"The Little State Department" Hollywood and the MPAA’s Influence on US Trade Relations

How Capitalist Erases Emotional Justice (not a case for moralism)

Spaces of Resistance: Film Festivals and Anti-Capitalism

Caught in the Web of Deception: Anarchists in the Media

Interview with LA WEEKLY on Beyonce’s Appropriation of Resistance in “Superpower”

Our Recording of the Interview
The intention of counter-recording an interview with a journalist from mainstream media(MSM) was to ensure that our words were not skewed because they often are. This tactic is recommended for anyone who understands the intents and purposes set forth by institutionalized media and to propagate their own counter-media.

This recording is a conversation with some participants of On Resistance Radio Collective whom autonomously chose to due an interview with LA Weekly Journalist to discuss the Beyonce “SuperPower” music video. We cover cultural appropriation of resistance by the media, some more aspects of Beyonce’s feminism, as well as other artist’s focus on resistance culture.”

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